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My Resume

July 18, 2010

Martin Philip Bautista See

Career: Chemical and Material Science Engineer


Secondary: Xavier  School, Greenhills, Metro Manila from: 2000 – 2007

Primary: Xavier School, Greenhills, Metro Manila from: 2007-2011


Volunteer Work for Gawad Kalinga (2010) – Built housing.

Summer Job for Restaurant 101 (2007-2010)- Working for lunch and dinner services.

Summer League for Frisbee (2010)

Little League Football Camp in Malaysia (2004) – Won Most Impressive Player.

People To People Leadership Summit in University of California Los Angeles (2010)


Varsity Member for Xavier Ultimate (2010)

Varsity Member for Football Team (1997-2005, 2009)

Varsity Member for Badminton (2005)

Football Most Improved Player (2004)

Days With the Lord Sponsor











Well rounded


Hands on

Interest / Activities

Research on things that interest me

Try new things

Help people with problems

Many sports


Developing myself.

If your company decides to hire me, you not only get a passionate worker who loves this line of work, but you also get a person who will extra mile to improve his work. I want to work for Adidas, a world renowned athletic company, because I would like to provide professional athletes the extra element to make them perform more than they can with the products I would produce.

I am better than the others just because of my passion for sports. Unlike the other engineers who are geeks and all smart, I am a mix of the two things that I have passion for, sports and science. This is my edge, I am a athlete myself and I know the difficulties of being one, and since I know these difficulties I can use my knowledge in material engineering to develop clothing that would eliminate or ease the problem. Having great knowledge on football would help me further develop the balls that they use, the shoes that they wear, the shin guards that protect them, and most importantly the jersey’s that they wear. I believe that this balance in smarts and sports will make me excel in this line of work.

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