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Fully Human

August 10, 2010

I picked a blank paint canvas because it is just there for you and you have the freedom to choose if you want to paint on it or leave it. No one will judge what you will put there, you have your own freedom of expression to paint anything you want. You have your total freedom to use it as it pleases you. Nothing else can control what you want to put on that canvas, it is from your mind and from your own free will. At the same time as you draw your own expressions it develops you in growth on how to use your freedom of expression.


In this picture, it’s not necessarily about the people but its mainly about the act of doing what you love, what you are good at and how through your actions you are helping to empower those around you. So in this picture there is David Beckham, who is always helping charities like UNICEF because through charity he is returning to society and that is what makes him happy. He was blessed with natural athletic talent, and he is in the position where he has a lot of money and power, that he is able provide for the people. So in that sense he good at what he does. Obviously what he is doing is for the betterment of his community and mankind, because through his sacrifices he is able to help out those in need.


Through our CLE lessons in the 1st quarter, we think a man should be a man who has his own way of thinking, like how a person may look at a painting. He has his own freedom to think as he wants, he has his own freedom to do what he wants with what he has. After taking Freedom into consideration, we can define man as a being searching for his true purpose in life and for some it is what his profession or career is. For a select few painting is their calling of vocation, they love it, they are good at it and they are helping others see the beauty in art. I believe that the ideal man should have all these three qualities when in relation to vocation. I believe that although art may be a good thing, one cannot be in love totally with his profession, because some people tend to be obsessed with their hobbies and no longer grow out of love. This is one the myths of love and should be avoided.

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