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My Top 3 Ideal Jobs

September 7, 2010

1. Professional Football Player

– First of all I like to be a pro football player because you are able to earn millions playing the sport I love.

– Even though you may not be one of the most talented ones you are still able to earn millions.

– You become famous and the ladies will go crazy for you.

– Even if you just sit in the bench injured or otherwise, you still earn a lot of money.

– You get sponsorships and get free stuff from them.

– You become an example for the youth who may wanna be like you when they grow up.

– I think this would bring me closer to a good future and fulfillment because it is something that I enjoy doing and it wouldn’t matter if i don’t get paid that much.

2. Clothing Development in Adidas

– I think it would be nice to do this job because this is what I really wanna become in life. I plan to study chemical and material science engineering to be able to pursue this career. I would be nice because you produce clothing which enhances the performances of professional athletes and would be beneficial to all aspiring athletes. It would bring me towards fulfillment not just because it would earn me a lot, but it is something i want to do and i can provide something to the community as well.

3. A Game Tester

– I think that this is a good job because you earn your money having a good time. If I do this I am doing something I enjoy and relatively good at. It would bring me to fulfillment because by doing this I do something I enjoy doing and I provide the gaming company suggestions on how to make the game better and by doing this it would make the community of gamers happy .

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